Here's Why Ketamine Therapy is Safe

Jul 13, 2023
 Here's Why Ketamine Therapy is Safe
When traditional medications can’t control the chronic pain of fibromyalgia or spine trauma, it’s time to consider the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy. Learn how ketamine works and what goes into ensuring your safety during treatment.

Ketamine therapy has increasingly become a lifeline for people who can’t find relief with traditional pain relievers and other therapeutic strategies. If you’re considering ketamine as part of your pain management plan, your first question may be about its safety.

At Zephyr Medical, our medical experts have extensive experience using ketamine therapy to help you find lasting relief from chronic pain. Asher C. Goldstein, MD, provides comprehensive health evaluations to determine if you’re a good candidate for ketamine and ensures that your treatment is safe and effective.

How ketamine works

Ketamine is traditionally an anesthetic that keeps patients calm and relaxed during surgery.

Researchers recently discovered that ketamine offers mood-boosting benefits for people with difficult-to-treat depression. The prescription medication also provides lasting pain-relieving benefits for those with chronic pain conditions.

While research is still ongoing, it’s believed that ketamine works by blocking n-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in your brain and increasing levels of glutamate, brain neurotransmitters that activate communication between nerve cells.

As ketamine blocks NMDA receptors, it prevents nerve cell overstimulation that contributes to chronic pain. It also provides lasting pain relief so you return to a high-quality, physically active life.

When to consider ketamine therapy

While ketamine therapy isn’t suitable for everyone, the treatment may be a good option for those who can’t find pain relief with traditional medications. 

You may also be a candidate for ketamine therapy if you want to reduce your reliance on opioids and other potentially addictive medications.

Our pain experts may recommend ketamine therapy to manage pain from:

Our providers offer comprehensive health exams to identify the source of your pain. We also review your medical history to ensure ketamine is a safe and effective treatment option for you.

Safety of ketamine

Using ketamine for pain management is only safe when an experienced medical professional carefully supervises your treatment. If used outside of medical guidance, ketamine can cause serious health complications.

Our Zephyr Medical team has extensive experience administering ketamine therapy for chronic pain relief.  We perform ketamine infusions in a comfortable space, and the office is fully equipped to handle any unexpected issues. You also receive information before your appointment so you know exactly what to expect from treatment.

During your visit, we’ll provide a sedative to keep you comfortable and prevent hallucinations and other adverse side effects that ketamine can cause. Our team starts an intravenous (IV) line in your arm and slowly infuses ketamine into your bloodstream.

Treatment takes about an hour, and our team stays close to monitor your health and comfort during and after your infusion. We also assess your pain levels after your initial treatment to determine if you’ll benefit from additional infusions.

Call Zephyr Medical in Brooklyn, New York, to find out if ketamine infusion therapy is an option for you, or book a consultation online today.